Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day 1437 - Weighty Issue

As with most things in life, the older you get, the heavier you get.  Some exceptions would be raisins, prunes, and anorexic dwarfs.  Our scale at home isn't very accurate, but I think Emma is getting close to 40 pounds and Andrew is probably a few pounds behind her.  Together, they weigh the number of pounds that Jennifer Hudson lost. 

Look at that before and after picture.  Jennifer Hudson basically crapped out Andrew and Emma!  Holla!

I bring this weight factor up because it seems as if it is taking a toll on poor Lisa.  For the past few weeks, her back and knees have been acting up.  I think the last time that happened to her, we were on our honeymoon. 

Lisa is wearing a knee brace to give her a little more support and made a doctor's appointment for this week.  We have also started to take the stroller around more often so we don't have to carry around whiny kids.  Beyond that, there's not too much else for her to do except not carry them as often.

I suppose it is a little sad when your kids get to an age where it becomes difficult to carry them.  Or perhaps it could also be that it is sad when you get to an age where you can't carry them.  For my own safety, I'm going to agree with the former.

Although I'm not in as much physical pain as Lisa, I also feel the creakiness of my aging body, yet supple facial features.  Since I'm right handed, I always carry the kids with my left arm.  So there are occasions when my shoulder and neck are out of whack.  Sadly, I confuse the pain with angina and coronary failure at times of deep desperation for attention.

Although I'm not a doctor, I have a feeling Lisa is just going to have to take it easy.  I doubt it is anything that would require surgery or medicinal pot.  The kids and Lisa have just reached the point where the kids will have to walk more and Lisa will have to carry less.  But the most important thing to take away from this is that I still have the massive strength to carry the kids in my arms.  Take a good look at my guns!  They can carry a huge Jennifer Hudson turd!

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