Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 1434 - Poopageddon!

In the past, Andrew has had constipation problems because he did not want to poop at the preschool potty.  We didn't really blame him for not wanting to use a public toilet, but we explained to him the worst-case scenario would be that he might catch E. coli or perhaps hepatitis A.  Not the end of the world.

Thankfully, it seems as if this phase has passed (pun intended) and ended (another pun end-tended (pun intended within the parenthesis!) ).  But we have another problem on our hands.  No, not hepatitis A.  Andrew has began to poop his pants again.

Andrew is totally fine peeing in the potty, but he could care less if he drops a corn log in his pants.  I suppose it is more comfortable walking around with a chunky candy bar in your pants versus slogging around with urine pants, but if Andrew was smart like his Daddy he would kill two birds with one stone by peeing and pooping at the same time.  A-ha!

I believe there was one day when he pooped in his pants four times.  Pooping in your pants is worse enough, but four times?  I don't even think an Oompa-Loompa had seen as many Hershey squirts as I did during that day.  

Despite my increasing frustration and decreasing laundry detergent, I am trying to use positive reinforcement to encourage Andrew to use the potty.  There have been times when my annoyance has shown through (probably when I was scrubbing soiled underwear in the sink), but I hope I have not used guilt or Pepto-Bismol to fix the problem (maybe once on the Pepto...).

My solution to Andrew's poop problem is the Poopy Prize Bag.  Lisa found a handful of miscellaneous toys, and I dumped them into a gift bag.  I told Andrew each time he poops in the potty, he gets to grab a prize from the Poopy Prize Bag.  And not to be left out, I told Emma she would also get a prize each time Andrew poops in the potty.  Imagine the sisterly love Andrew is receiving from Emma now.  "Damn it, Andrew.  Crap in the crapper so I can get a fu*$ing prize!"

It has only been a week since I started the Poopy Prize Bag, so it's a little early to tell how well it is working.  There has not been a four-times-in-the-pants day; I'll take that as a positive sign.  Also he has gone poop in the potty several times and happily asked for a prize.  Hopefully by this time next month, Andrew will be a man around the porcelain crown, and the next time we need soiled pants changed will be on us in 45 years.

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