Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 1230 - Poll Results & New Poll

Last week, I asked your opinion about private versus public schools. Sixty-five percent favored public schools. Since Lisa is a public school teacher, she is eternally grateful for your support and will be sending each and everyone of you a scratch and sniff "You're Great" sticker. And twenty-two percent thought it didn't matter which school you go to as long as you give your child the support and guidance that s/he needs.

As I mentioned before, we are planning to send our kids to public school. We aren't against private schools at all, and if we had the finances to send our kids to a top-rated one, we would. We're just against the preconceived notion that private schools are automatically better than public schools. Sure, private schools may have smaller class sizes and cleaner and more modern facilities. But you know public schools have that private schools don't? Cold tater tots and chewy pizza. Take that, you homogeneous, uniform-wearing over achievers!


For the past three weeks, I have been slowly transitioning the kids to a full day at preschool. The first week, I was with them for most of the day. The second week, they attended school from 9am to 12p. The third week, they attended from 8:30a-12:30p. And now this week, I am going to have them start to take naps at school.

Naps at home are often one to two hours of mayhem for me. When the kids nap in their beds, I let them bring one book so if they can't sleep, they can quietly read in bed. Oh, how naive I am. When one kid can't sleep, it often means the other kid can't sleep. And then screaming, running, crying, and the occasional class action suit follows.

I am told that kids tend to nap at school because of herd mentality. I am also told when kids get older, they tend to beat other kids up because of herd mentality. Not too sure about this herd thing.

So what do you think? Do you think our kids will behave like cattle and nap like all of the other livestock in their classroom? Or will they rise up against the machine and rebel against enforced sleeping?

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