Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 1215 - Conversations with Andrew

Every night, I tell the kids a made-up story. I usually tell them a story that is pertinent to their day like preschool, their toys, or the Cairo riots. Since Emma is once again sick (DAMN PRESCHOOL GERMS), I decided to tell Andrew a story about his sister needing his help to get better.

"Once upon a time, "I began. "The famous car driver, Andrew Ichikawa, had to help his sister, Emma, get better. Emma asked her brother to go to the doctor's office to pick up some medicine to make her well. Andrew jumped into his car and drove off. But on the way to the doctor's office, he saw a Chuck E. Cheese. What was Andrew going to do? Go to Chuck E. Cheese to play games or go to the doctor's office to pick up Emma's medicine?"

"Doctor's office," Andrew answered.

"Are you sure you don't want to go to Chuck E. Cheese?" I quizzed.

"No. Doctor's office to help Emma get better," Andrew confirmed.

What d'ya know! Lisa and I must've done something right raising these kids. I've got to tell our social worker about this.

I continued the story. "You picked up the medicine at the doctor's office and started to drive home. On the way home, your friend, Chick Hicks called. He asked you if you wanted to come to his home to play some car games. But you still had Emma's medicine. Are you going to go to Chick Hick's house to play games or are you going to..."

"Go play games," answered Andrew. And to assure me he made his decision, he repeated, "Go play games."

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