Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 1223 - Poll Results & New Poll

Last week, I asked what we should do about Andrew's propensity to hold his pee and poop. Seventy-one percent suggested that we keep on feeding him prunes until he needs to shout, "Thar she blows!" The rest of you thought we should either just let this phase pass (Get it? Pass. Giggle.) or continue to emphasize to him how holding his pee and poop is not a good thing to...ahem...doo (Oh mercy! The puns!).

Lisa and I decided to do a combination of prunes and constantly reminding Andrew that it is not healthy to hold on to your pee and poop. Every morning, I give Andrew some pureed prunes, and when he returns from school, I give him a little prune juice. I also went as far as drawing the lower intestine on his Magna Doodle to demonstrate that if he doesn't go poop when his body tells him to, then it starts to get backed up with more and more poop.

Perhaps the Magna Doodle drawing was a little overboard, but it was a much better idea than my PowerPoint presentation.


Although we are years away from the kids starting elementary school, I know we are fortunate that not only will the kids be able to go to Lisa's school which is a big scheduling bonus, but her school is one of the top five LAUSD elementary schools. As for middle and high school, I'm not too sure what will happen, but that is at least eight years away and if need be, we will buy the kids flak jackets.

Unless we hit the lottery or someone hits me and we are awarded a large settlement, our kids will be attending public school. I figure that as long as we can live in an area where there are decent schools, I'm perfectly comfortable having the kids attend a public school. I also hope that we will be decent enough parents to teach the kids how to make wise decisions, both academically and socially. If the kids look up to me as a role model, I know the kids will be just as geeky and unpopular as I was. Hurray!

So what do you think about private and public schools? Are you saving your money to get your kids into a great private school? Are you fine with public schools? Or are you going to home school them with PBSKids, the Discovery Channel, and OWN?

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