Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 1217 - Trouble Maker

The kids have been doing a good job at preschool. Emma enjoys the arts and crafts, and Andrew no longer cries or whines about going to school. And the most glorious thing of all is that I have three and a half hours to myself every day. It's just long enough for me to run a few loads of laundry while completing several gory levels of God of War 3. Ahhh...the perfect life.

When I picked the kids up from school today, the teacher pulled me aside and told me Andrew got into trouble today for hitting. Immediately I told the teacher that I have never hit Andrew, although what my wife does is another story. The teacher just rolled her eyes and explained what happened.

When they came in from the play yard, all of the kids lined up to wash their hands. From what I could understand is that Andrew already washed his hands, but wanted to do it again. The teacher told him that he already washed his hands so he could go into the room to play. Probably from the germophobic influence of Crazy Grandma, Andrew wanted to wash his hands still and became angry. So he walked into the classroom and took his frustration out on another kid by smacking her in the head.

And guess who that kid was? Emma! That's right. Andrew walked into the room and whacked Emma on the side of her head.

The teacher continued to tell me that she thought Andrew was initially going to go to Emma for comfort and support, but was shocked when he smacked her like a cheap whore's ass. Andrew had to sit in a corner with the teacher while she explained why it is unacceptable to hit at school.

As the teacher finished speaking, I nodded my head and thanked her for relaying the information to me. But the only thing I could think of is that at least Andrew was smart enough to hit Emma and not a stranger.

If I was in his situation and wanted to release my frustration and anger on someone, who would be the one person who you would be comfortable enough to hit? Who could you hit with little consequence? Who could you hit who you've hit hundreds of times before? Mommy. But since Mommy was not at school, the patsy would be Emma.

Although I did tell Andrew that it was wrong to hit Emma or anyone at school, there was a part of me that understood his toddler logic and methodology. Of course it helps that I too have the emotional and mental intelligence of a three year old, but that's besides the point. I hope Andrew will be able to keep his occasional temper tantrums at bay when at school, but to make sure Emma will be safe, Lisa and I bought a new outfit for her. I think it will help.

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