Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 1229 - Conversations with Emma & Andrew

For the 3-day holiday weekend, a bunch of us went to our friend's house for lunch. Between all of the couples, there were five kids and one in the oven. And by "in the oven", I think I mean one of our friends is pregnant; I didn't have time to check their oven for a charred, missing kid.

We spent several hours eating, talking, laughing, reprimanding, mediating, and applying direct pressure to gushing toddler wounds. When it was time to go, we all had a great time and more importantly, the kids were exhausted which meant it would be a solid night of sleep for everyone.

As we were getting the kids ready for bed, I asked Andrew and Emma if they had a fun time today.

"Yes!" they both exclaimed.

"Andrew, what did you like the most at our friend's place?" I asked.

"I like...I like...I like," Andrew said with great concentration. "I like riding on the toy car and chasing people."

"That's good, Andrew," I said as I encouraged his introduction to road rage. "How about you, Emma? What did you like doing?"

"Hmm," wondered Emma.

"What did you like the best?" I said again. "Did you like playing with your friends? Or did you like playing with all the new toys?"

"Oh! I know!" exclaimed Emma. "I liked the popsicles."

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