Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 1216 - Poll Results & New Poll

Last week, I asked what the kids were going to think of preschool after their first week. The result was unanimous: one hundred percent of you thought the kids would love preschool. Obviously, none of you took into account the strong, loving relationship that this family shares. A bond so strong that a hint of separation would cause an emotion rift so cataclysmic...

...oh fine. The kids loved preschool. Emma fit right in and did not have any problem with the transition. Andrew had some difficulty when I would leave, but after a few minutes he would stop crying and join right into the fun. It is a little bittersweet and exciting to see the kids begin to develop new friendships with kids their age. But as their mommy says, the kids will always have their daddy at home who has the emotional maturity of a three year old.


It's great that Andrew loves to play hard, but his focus on his play interferes with two important things: peeing and pooping. For the past month, Andrew refuses to go to the bathroom until the very last moment. He could be doing the pee dance and grabbing himself like a Japanese midget Michael Jackson impersonator, but if we ask him if he has to pee, Andrew emphatically tells us "No!" And if we carry him to the bathroom, he makes his legs go limp so it's impossible for us to get him to stand to pee.

As for his poop, I'm just assuming he is holding it in because he has had bouts of constipation the past few weeks. I feel sorry for him when he tries to poop because it becomes so difficult for him. He usually ends up pooping during nap time when he is relaxed, and at that point I feel sorry for myself that I have to change his ginormous poopy diaper.

Lisa and I tell him over and over that it is not healthy for him to hold his pee and poop. I've even gone as far as drawing his lower intestine and colon on his Magna-Doodle board showing him the back-up he's creating.

So what do we do? Is this just a phase? Do I need to feed him prune juice via an IV? Any suggestions before the inevitable explosion?

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