Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 1085 - Torture Me, Elmo

The kids have rediscovered their old friend and my old enemy: Tickle Me Elmo. While rummaging through a moving box, Emma and Andrew found their old Elmo doll. And what do you know? The batteries were still good. Dammit...

But what a year has changed. When the kids first played with Elmo, they just watched and listened to him chatter away like the little Muppet coke fiend he is. But now, the kids listen to his jabber and actually interact with him.

Emma finds Tickle Me Elmo much more entertaining than Andrew. Emma will dance and talk with Elmo while Andrew finds amusement by throwing him to the ground and driving his toy cars over him.

Yet after a week of finding Elmo, I think Andrew is starting to be on the same page as me and finds this little Muppet animatronic annoying as hell. Take a look at this video of Emma dancing with Elmo, and pay particular attention to what Andrew does after a few minutes.

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