Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 1069 - Conversations with Emma

At our new place, there is a bunch of patio furniture up and down the common area. Since the weather has been nice, I often have the kids go outside, sit, and color. And when I feel like it, I join them.

After today's nap, I took the kids outside to color. Whereas Emma can color non-stop, Andrew's attention span with coloring is about as long as my attention span is with a Katherine Heigl movie.

I had Lisa take Andrew inside while I waited for Emma to finish coloring her Cinderella picture. I told Emma we had to go inside after she finished.

"No!" protested Emma. "I want to stay outside and color more."

Since we had a slight problem with the wind blowing away their coloring pages, I said, "We have to go inside because it's windy and too difficult to color outside."

She agreed.

As I waited for Emma to finish her fairly obsessive coloring job, Emma began to look in the sky. I wasn't too sure what she was looking for or whether she heard something. But finally she told me the realization that hit her.

"Look, Daddy!" Emma said as she pointed at the trees. "It not windy anymore. That means we can stay outside. Yay!"

And as you finish reading this entry, it is now 10:15pm and we are still outside coloring.

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