Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 1083 -... But Snot for Me

Andrew has a habit of crying and calling for us several minutes after we put him into bed. Lisa and I try to ignore it as much as possible, but we eventually go upstairs to see what's bothering him. If it's something as simple as him not knowing where his bunny blanket is, I'll go find it for him. If it's something more challenging like an intruder, I'll send Lisa upstairs.

Tonight, Andrew was crying and screaming for me. After a few minutes, I decided to go upstairs. From this point on, you have to understand that everything that happened was nonverbal and silent.

I saw Andrew at the top of the stairs looking at me through the safety gate. I looked at him. He held up his finger. There was a booger on it. I took my finger. I put his booger on my finger. Andrew smiled. He went back to bed. I went downstairs. Lisa looked at me and shrugged. I showed her the booger on my finger. She acknowledged it with a knowing nod. I took a tissue and then washed my hands.

What completely baffles me is how unfazed we all were about this booger exchange. In a NORMAL world, this never would have happened. But in PARENT world, this is as regular as night and day. Oh? Andrew has a booger? Let me take that away for you. Oh? Andrew has poop on his nose? Let me wipe that away with my cheek.

As I try to rationalize this bizarre exchange, all I can think of is that this is all part of unconditional love. No matter what your kid needs, you'll be there for him...even if it's a booger. I hope our kids are starting to get a sense of this unconditional love because in forty years when I'm back in diapers, I'm going to need some help putting on some adult Desitin.

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