Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 1074 - Haircut Hell

Although I divulge a lot about our personal lives, I do try to keep certain things anonymous. There are times when I won't mention someone by name, or I may even delete an entire blog entry because after reading it I find it may have crossed a line. With that being said, I am going to try and talk about an awful haircut incident that we have with Andrew without giving out any names or places.

On September 18th, we phoned (310) 458-7947 to make a 12:45pm hair cut appointment for Emma and Andrew. We found street parking directly in front of The Yellow Balloon 1328 Santa Monica Blvd. It must have been our lucky day.

After a short 5 minute wait, the kids were called up to their chairs. I stayed with Emma initially with her professional hair stylist. But after a few minutes, Andrew began crying and called for me. This was unusual because this was the very first time that Andrew cried when getting his hair cut. So I switched places with Lisa, and I stayed with Andrew.

After calming Andrew down, I noticed that the hair stylist seemed very impatient with Andrew. As I was helping the stylist keep Andrew's head still, I noticed a little blood behind Andrew's ear. It looked like it was a little nick, but I gathered that must have been why he started crying.

I wasn't enraged or anything, but I did want the hair stylist to acknowledge that she nicked Andrew's ear and to give some sort of apology. I got her attention and showed her Andrew's ear.

"Hmm...I don't see anything. Maybe I need my glasses," said the stylist.

WHAT? SHE SAID WHA? WHAT DAH WHO DAH HUH? It was as plain as the skank on her breath that there was blood on Andrew's ear. And if you're going to make an excuse, you don't say you need your glasses when you're continuing to cut someone's hair! That's like being a proctologist and saying that you've been having a series of arm spasms lately.

At this point I was very angry. It was pointless to talk to this stylist anymore, and the haircut was over with anyways. So I asked for the manager and explained the situation. I was calm and firm when I told him I understood these things occasionally happen, but for the stylist not to acknowledge her actions and to create an unbelievably lame excuse was inexcusable and unprofessional.

He agreed with everything I said and promised me he would talk to her. I mean I'm realistic enough to know that nothing probably happened. The manager probably talked to her, she made up some excuse, and she's still there collecting a paycheck. I unfortunately did not get her name, but I can say with all honesty that she looked a little like that woman who had plastic surgery to look like a cat. You know, this woman...

So if any of you decide to go to The Yellow Balloon in Santa Monica to get a haircut, beware of this lady! And if you get her, at the very least make sure she looks like this:

The odds say you'll have a 45% less chance of being cut if she's wearing her glasses.

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