Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 1075 - Poll Results & New Poll

Last week, I asked whether we should cave in to Emma's and Andrew's obsession with Disney Princesses and Cars for their birthday presents. Fifty-four percent of you thought that we should buy them what they want; so I guess if they wanted to jump of a bridge, we should let them do that too. Thirty-six percent thought that we should compromise and give them some Disney toys and some other crap...err...presents.

Now that we have finished buying and wrapping all of their presents, I can tell you that we heavily leaned towards the Disney Princesses and Cars toys, although we did mix it up with some other stuff. I think if you know your kid likes a certain type of toy, then why not indulge them a few times a year (i.e. birthday, Christmas, Groundhog's Day). Now that Emma and Andrew understand the concept of presents a lot better now, I'd rather see them open up a gift with wide smiles instead of a frown and giving me the bird.


Who came up with the concept of the terrible twos? I ask because as the kids approach their third birthday, I find Emma and Andrew a lot more difficult to deal with. Sure, the twos weren't a breeze. The tantrums, the mobility, the inability to communicate through words, the drug and drinking addictions. But that seems like nothing compared to the emotional development the kids are going through now.

On one hand, we have Emma who has become very stubborn and obstinate. And on the other hand, Andrew has become a lot more whiny and needy. The unfortunate aftermath of this is that I have become more stubborn, obstinate, whiny, and needy. Lucky Lisa...

So what do you think? Do you think the threes are more difficult than the twos?

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