Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 1078 - Conversations with Emma

The kids have been enjoying their new tricycles a lot. They still aren't that good with them, but we make sure they wear their safety gear: helmets, pads, bubble wrap, air bags, springs, pillows, and a full-size aerobed.

Despite our good efforts, there is one thing that we can't do much about: klutziness. When Emma was getting off her bike, she tripped and fell on the ground. Thankfully, she was still wearing her helmet and pads so she walked away unscathed.

When I put Emma into bed, I was doing a recap of the day.

"And then did we ride our tricycles today?" I asked.

"Yes. I like the tricycle!" replied Emma.

"That's good. But did you fall down today?"

"Yah. I fell down," said Emma with a tinge of why-are-you-bringing-that-up-again?

"But it was a good thing you were wearing your helmet, right?"

"Yah. Good thing," agreed Emma.

"And do you know what the helmet stops you from getting?" I asked.

"Boo-bies," answered Emma.

Boo-boos. Boobies. What's the difference. They're both things that all fathers hope their little girls never get.

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