Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 1068 - Poll Result & New Poll

Last week, I asked what was more tiring: working or staying at home with kids. The results were unanimous! One hundred percent of you said that staying at home with kids is more tiring. I can only gather that the demographics of this blog site is either parents who have experienced both work and raising kids or the economy really does suck and I got a bunch of unemployed parents who no longer remember what it's like to be at work.

Due to my freelance television production career, I generally work nine to ten months of the year which means I am at home with the kids for at least two to three months. Honestly, the months I am at home with the kids is a lot more exhausting than putting in 10-12 hour days at the office. Yet I know I am fortunate to be the occasional stay-at-home dad and see the kids grow up on a daily basis. But is it so wrong to say I still miss craft service and the warmth of freshly copied call sheets?


Next week will be Emma's and Andrew's birthday. I can't believe they are already turning three because I feel like I have aged ten years (And I won't even mention how many years I think it added on Lisa!). This year's birthday is going to be pretty low key. We're just inviting a handful of friends, and since the kids aren't in preschool year the attendance will be minimal (...thank god...).

As Lisa and I roamed the pages of for birthday presents, we began to add a variety of gifts to our cart. When we reviewed what we selected, we realized that we pretty much picked nothing but Cars toys for Andrew and Disney Princess toys for Emma. I have nothing against Disney, but I began to question our choices. The kids have a wide variety of toys to play with at home, but for some particular reason they have really gravitated towards Cars and Disney Princess toys. We didn't push them in one way or another, although I will say that I asked Andrew to stop dressing up like the Little Mermaid; the clam shell bra really had to be stopped.

What do you think? Is it particularly wrong to give the kids the toys they want for their birthday or should we give them toys that we want them to have (i.e. generic toys, books, SAT study guides)?

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