Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 1066 - Portrait of a Lady...and a Dork

We have been encouraging the kids to draw and color more often on paper because we realized we don't have much artwork saved. Most of the things the kids have drawn that we wanted to keep were on Magna Doodle boards, and let me tell you it became one hell of an expense to purchase one Magna Doodle board after another.

The kids definitely have their own particular style and focus when they approach their drawing and coloring. Emma really focuses on what she does, and she figured out how to hold a crayon the proper way so she has quite a bit of control over her lines. As for Andrew, he's not as interested in drawing and coloring so he ends up holding his crayon like a beer can and interprets art as the fastest way to color a page with as many crayons as possible.

Not too long ago, I asked the kids to draw Mommy's and Daddy's face. I went ahead and drew the head and hair, but left the face empty. And here are the results...

Here is Emma's drawing of Mommy. Although she just did little dots for the eyes and nose, I was impressed that she put them in the proper area. And as for the mouth, look at the gigantic smile she gave Lisa. The last time I remember Lisa smiling so big was when I told her I had to go in for a biopsy.

This next drawing is Emma's attempt at drawing me. Once again, she did little dots for the eyes and nose and gave me a gigantic smile. But what impressed me was that she drew glasses and the bridge on my glasses. She also told me that she drew my glasses extra big and thick because I'm a geeky dork.

Now here is Andrew's drawing of Mommy. At first, he started to do dots for the eyes and the nose, but then he began doing more and more dots. Pretty soon, he started laughing hysterically and began drawing a bunch of circles all over Lisa's head. The one thing that Andrew got accurate is that there is this one line that he drew behind Lisa's ear that shows where she got her face lift.

And finally, here is Andrew's drawing of me. I'm not exactly too sure where he was going with this one, but he started off with drawing my mouth and then he drew another mouth and another one. Once again, he began to laugh hysterically at what he did and said my head looked like a diaper.

But as I looked more and more at Andrew's drawing, I realized that I resembled someone. It took me a long time to figure it out, but it dawned on me that I looked like one of the villains from that Dick Tracy movie. And to be specific, Pruneface.

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