Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 757 - Doodle Pros & Cons

Crazy Grandma and Lazy Grandpa bought each of the kids these Doodle Pro boards. It's those drawing tablets that you use with a magnetic pen. I knew Emma and Andrew wanted this toy because they kept on repeating over and over again how much they wanted to have a magnetophoretic display panel (Yes...the kids are geniuses, so what.).

It was smart of Crazy & Lazy to buy each of the kids their own magnetophoretic display panel, but the problem with this is that I have to end up drawing twice as many pictures. If Andrew wants a car, then Emma wants a car. If Emma wants a cat, then Andrew wants a cat. And if they both ask for a DNA double helix, then they both get a DNA double helix (See! Geniuses, I say!).

One evening, Andrew came up to me and asked me to draw Poppa (aka Lazy Grandpa). So I drew a picture of Poppa.

"Does this look like Poppa?" I asked Andrew.

"Yahyah," said Andrew.

Then Andrew asked me to draw Gaga (aka Crazy Grandma). So I drew a picture of Gaga.

"Does this look like Gaga?" I asked Andrew.

"Yahyah," said Andrew.

Then Andrew asked me to draw a picture of Dada (aka me, duh!). So I decided to be funny and I drew an exaggerated picture of myself with large muscles. Here's the picture I drew:

So I asked Andrew, "Does this look like Dada?"

"No," Andrew answered without hesitation.

"Are you sure? I think it looks like me," I said as I tried to maintain what little masculinity I had left.

And to further humiliate me, Andrew actually got a little mad and forcefully said, "No! No no no!"

That's right. My son said "no" four times. Not only that, he took the magnetophoretic display panel from my hands and gave it to Lisa. The really sad part of this story is that I wasn't strong enough to stop Andrew from taking the magnetophoretic display panel away from me. I guess it's back to the three pound weights for me...

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