Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day 752 - Lisa's Birthday

Today was a very special day because of two equally important and joyous occasions: it was Lisa's birthday and time for my yearly bikini wax. It's always great to see someone remove ribbons and string from your package...and Lisa's birthday wasn't so shabby either.

The big plan for the day was a nice dinner with friends. I asked Lisa whether or not she wanted Italian or steak for her birthday, and she told me she would love to eat steak because she can't remember the last time she had a big piece of meat (insert your own penis joke here).

I found a steakhouse not too far away from our house called Larsen's Steakhouse. It got pretty good comments online and figured it was worth a try. Personally, I am not a big red meat eater. It started off because my cholesterol was on the high side, but has now gotten to the point where I don't really miss it at all. Although I would eventually order a nice slab of New York steak for dinner, I really don't remember the last time I actually saw a big piece of meat (insert another penis joke here).

Something that was really unique about the steakhouse was that their menus were backlit. When you opened the menu, the entire thing lit up. Just like in this picture:

A SIDE STORY: I told my friend online that the menus were not only backlit, but they also had human hands holding flashlights and a scrolling LED screen that highlighted the specials of the day. And for some odd reason, my friend believed me. Human hands holding flashlights? Really? Really now?

It was really nice to go out for dinner with friends and without the kids. We were able to have uninterrupted conversation about mature, adult topics (i.e. farts, underwear, and cooties). But as the night progressed, I noticed that our talk transformed itself into stories about all of our kids. Of course it's natural to talk about what consumes our lives, yet I found it interesting that we all began to talk about them towards the end of the night.

To me, I felt like it was a subconscious alarm clock going off in our heads telling us we needed to head back home soon because of the kids. Maybe it's just me, but there's this weird push-and-pull that I feel when we go out without the kids. Sometimes I really want to push the kids away because I just need some time alone, but then a few hours later you get this pulling feeling that makes you want to head home. And as I thought about all of this some more, I actually realized why nothing made sense to any of us: we were all drunk. Thank god the kids weren't around...

Happy Birthday Mommy!

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