Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day 741 - That's a What?

With the development of speech, there's often difficulty trying to decipher what your kids are saying. There are a lot of sounds that are tricky to make with the coordination of your tongue, mouth, and lips. But with practice, you will not only be able to pronounce thousands of words, but you may also make your wife a very happy woman one day.

One word that the kids have recently learned is clock. Since we have a clock in every room, they have the opportunity to say the word often. The thing that makes Lisa and I laugh is the way Emma and Andrew pronounce the word clock. The kids say, "Cock."

So randomly throughout the day, we may hear the kids say, "Cock! Cock! Cock!" Not only does this make me laugh every time, but it also reminds me of the days when I worked at a Swedish bathhouse.

Since these mispronunciations are so short-lived, I decided to have a little fun with the kids.

"Hey, kids! What's that on the wall?" I asked as I pointed to a wall clock.

"Cock!" said the kids.

"Is that a big clock?" I asked.

"Big cock!"

I then pointed to my wristwatch. "Is this a clock?"


"But it's a little clock, right?"

"Little cock!"

I decided to test Emma's colors. "Emma. What color is the wall clock?"


"And what color is this clock?" I questioned as I pointed to my wristwatch.


"Which one do you like more? The yellow clock or the black clock?"

"Yellow cock!"

I guess Wesley Snipes was wrong: Don't always bet on black.

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