Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day 427 - Things in Common

Auntie Anne (pretzel maven) has been staying with us for the past four nights.  Since she is immediate family (although she does have a striking resemblance to my mom's tofu delivery man), I was wondering whether or not the kids would have anything in common with her.  Lo and behold, I discovered something that Andrew has in common with Anne:  a love for cups.

Andrew loves his stacking cups.  Whenever he is quiet he is either on the floor playing with stacking cups or Emma is sitting on his face.  And Anne loves cups.  Not stacking cups.  Just your regular every day drinking cup.  Although she hasn't expressed any fetish towards cups, I can only assume she loves them by the sheer number she uses every day.

I probably go through a few cups a day, but Anne goes through a multitude of cups that I can't quite fathom.  In the morning alone, she goes through three cups:  a juice cup, a coffee cup, and a water cup.  Throughout the day she adds more and more cups because instead of using the same one, she just pulls out another cup from the cupboard.  By the end of the day, there are more cups laying around than a high school locker room.  

She also puts her cups around our place in unusual places like our sofa.  She has already left a few watermarks on it.  And this morning she placed her mug of hot coffee on an ottoman that Andrew was standing next to.

"Umm...maybe you should move your cup?" I suggested.

"Huh?  Why?" answered a half-asleep Anne.

"So Andrew's skin won't resemble bubble wrap..."

If my sister wants to use a dozen cups a day, it's fine by me.  Tomorrow, I'm going to experiment with an idea I came up with combining Andrew's and Anne's love of cups. In the morning, I'm going to put all of Andrew's stacking cups in the kitchen cupboards.  So when Anne goes to get something to drink she will use those and eventually leave it lying around the house.  Andrew will find these cups throughout the day and start to play with them.  At the end of the day, Anne will have used all the cups, Andrew will have played with all the cups, and then I'll start the whole process over again.  My cup runneth over with ideas!  


kevin said...

at least they are real cups that you can wash, and not the disposable kind.

Susan Tajii said...

Yikes, hot liquid and babies....NO, NO, NO!!!!! I think you should section off a small corner of the room and that should be the only place Auntie Anne (my rival for best Auntie)should drink or eat anything. Seriously, I'm scared. Either that or forbid her from eating and drinking in your place. I trust you do have trained to ALWAYS keep the bathroom door closed. - Worried PICU RN Auntie Susan