Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day 418 - Small Stack

For the past few weeks, Andrew has been concentrating very hard with his stacking cups. There has been a lot of frustration (i.e. screaming), learning (i.e. screaming), and moments of silent focus (i.e. screaming). Most of the time Lisa and I would have to help Andrew with the cups and play with him. But no more! Just like every growing boy, Andrew now knows how to play with himself! Hmm...that doesn't sound quite right.

Anyhoo, Andrew can now stack several cups on top of each other. Although we have several sets of stacking cups, Andrew usually plays with these cups that Lisa bought for the kids. He has mastered stacking three cups, and is on his way to four. Each cup has a letter on it so he can stack A,B, and C. We are waiting for the day when Andrew can play with Lisa's D cups. Damn. That doesn't sound right either.

Here's a video of Andrew stacking cups!

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