Monday, November 17, 2008

Day 419 - Poll Results & New Poll

Last week I asked what I should do about Andrew's haircuts. Well, move over Vidal Sassoon, Not-So-Fantastic Sam, and Mr. Flowbee! The poll showed that 84% of you approved of my kickass haircut skills. For the rest of you nonbelievers, may your next haircut look a little worse than this:And by the way, this is not the famous picture of Phil Spector. This is actually a picture of Crazy Grandma Ichikawa with blond highlights.


I feel the kids have plenty of places to play in the condo. They can hit each other in the bedroom, pull hair underneath the dining table, or have knife fights in the living area. But there are quite a few closed doors, gates, and electrical fences that keep the kids out of certain areas. We always keep the bathroom door closed -- not because of safety reasons, but I make quite the stink. The kitchen is also off-limits -- not only to the kids, but Lisa too. And we also rearrange the furniture so they can't play in a certain area of the living room. Basically we don't want them to touch the desk, the bookshelf, and the television area. Take a look at this rough floor plan:

Crazy Grandma Ichikawa told me that when she returns to babysit the kids, she's going to let them play in our forbidden area. She thinks the kids should be able to play where ever they choose (Good thing we don't live near a mine field.). This made me wonder whether or not we're being a little too paranoid about them playing in the "off-limit" zone. Should we let them wander free with supervision and teach them what they can and can't touch? Or are they too young still? Or will Crazy Grandma Ichikawa owe me a new television set?

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