Saturday, November 1, 2008

Day 405 - Halloween

For Halloween, we dressed the kids up as Luke & Leia. There were several other twins we thought about before settling on the Skywalkers: Fred & George Weasley, Mary Kate & Ashley, Romulus & Remus, and the Minnesota Twins. But we figured Star Wars costumes would be the coolest.

Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse Auntie Susan volunteered to make the costumes for the kids. She bought Emma the Princess Leia costume and made the Luke Skywalker costume with needle and thread. As for Auntie Anne (pretzel maven), she gave the kids a little scare: a wallet-sized photo of herself.

There were two little snags with the costumes. The Princess Leia costume had a belt that you attach with velcro. Sadly, Emma's solid waistline prohibited us from securing the belt. Lisa dusted off the sewing kit to pull out a couple of safety pins to keep the belt together.

As for Andrew's Luke Skywalker costume, everything fit perfectly. The thing was that Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse Auntie Susan made Andrew a little lightsaber to go with the outfit. As you can see in the photo, we might as well had dressed up Andrew as Farmer Dick. Either that or Andrew took home a piece of C3PO after a night of robot passion.

Our initial plan was to take the kids trick or treating and then keep the candy for ourselves. But once we started walking with our friends from house to house, Lisa and I felt awkward about asking for candy since it was obvious our kids weren't going to eat the candy. So we went to Plan B: steal candy from unassuming kids under four feet tall. And how did Plan B go? Let's just say I'm enjoying a bowl of Milk Duds while finishing up this entry.

Although the kids had no idea what was going on, I suppose it was cute enough to see them dressed up. Honestly I think if we had to do this over again with a one year old (...and we're not...), I don't know if I would have walked around a neighborhood. It took enough effort to get the kids dressed into a costume and try to get a couple of decent photos. Next year, I'm sure we will go through the same thing and hopefully the kids will have a little more fun. As for costumes, I think we might be able to transform Emma's Princess Leia costume into a bantha. What you think?

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