Sunday, November 9, 2008

Day 411 - Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

If you are reading this and your name is Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse Auntie Susan, then please scroll down to the bottom of this entry until you see your name in all-caps. And if you are not Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse Auntie Susan, please continue to read.

It was almost two months ago when Andrew received a haircut from the kiddie hair salon. Recently Andrew's hair has been resembling a dandelion on steroids. There's this very odd contradiction with Andrew's hair: it's coarse enough to stand straight up, yet when the light hits it the hair looks very thin and wispy -- similar to the way my body looks like when the light hits it.

Last month I bought unbeknownst to my family a pack of hair shears on Amazon. It was only $25 for three scissors; the stupid kiddie hair salon cost $30. I figured how could you go wrong for $25? Sure they were used scissors from a pet grooming salon, but they were advertised "like new." Good enough for Fido, good enough for my kids.

When Lisa commented that Andrew needed a trim today, a gigantic light bulb went on over my head -- Emma accidentally turned on the dining room lights. But that jarred my memory, and I remembered my scissors. I told Lisa I could try to give Andrew a trim. Lisa asked me if I knew how to do it. I responded that there's nothing to worry about. What's the worst thing that could happen? Sure I could accidentally gouge an eyeball or puncture an eardrum, but that's why God gave us two of each.

As Lisa strapped Andrew into his high chair, I went to get my equipment: scissors, comb, electric razor, a water sprayer, and a bag of trail mix (I was hungry). I honestly wasn't too sure what I was getting myself into. I watched a few You Tube videos on haircuts, and my dad told me how to cut hair evenly ("Dad, how do you cut hair evenly?" "By not cutting it uneven. Heh heh."). But I figured I would just cut a little bit off and not try to do anything fancy like a perm.

We were smart enough to cut Andrew's hair after he ate his lunch, so he was well behaved in his chair. I wet his hair, combed it, and then proceeded to act like I knew what I was doing. I cut around his ears, trimmed the back, and cut the front. The part that I got confused about was the top of his head. I know you're suppose to grab a bunch of hair in patches and then cut the amount you want off, but it just was not happening. So I just did as little as possible and hoped for the best.

Here's a picture of Andrew before with his dandelion head:


And here's a picture of Andrew after his haircut:


Not awful, right? For the first time, I was rather pleased with myself. But if I paid $30 for this haircut I would ask for the manager and get my money back. At least you can see Andrew's ears, and his hair isn't as out of control. Plus I stabbed him on the top of his head, so you can't see the scar. All in all, a job well done for my $30 scissors that were once used to neuter animals.


Day 411 - Best Day Ever

Today was the best day ever with the kids. Both Emma and Andrew woke up in their 100% baby-proofed home. They didn't fall or trip, and they each had a healthy bowel movement. Although they are only 13 1/2 months year old, they enjoy reading Toni Morrison and admire the art of Warhol. Before they went to sleep, the kids drew this picture on their own:This is the best day ever!


Susan Tajii said...

OK, it worked....I'll accept the fact that you can cut hair, just love the drawing...and I have an idea for next year's Halloween costumes...they wear little scrub outfits. I'll start sewing them now. - Auntie Susan, PICU RN

kevin said...

I think my mom is going to ask me to make that picture her background on their laptop ...