Saturday, November 22, 2008

Day 424 - Return of the Pretzel Maven!

What do the kids think about the return of Auntie Anne (pretzel maven)? A picture is worth a thousand words...or in this case a thousand screams.

I'd like to say Emma was crying in this picture because she missed Auntie Anne (pretzel maven) so much. That when she saw Auntie Anne (pretzel maven), Emma was so overcome with love and emotion that the only thing she could do to communicate her joy was through tears. Well...that's a load of crap. Emma didn't know who the hell this lady was and wanted to get the hell out of her arms.

My sister flew into Los Angeles yesterday for a prolonged visit. Unfortunately, Auntie Anne (pretzel maven) has not been making pretzels (i.e. money) for quite some time. Due to the hard economic times with the publishing industry, she has been out of work. But she has been able to do a little freelancing writing here and there...if you count graffiti as freelance writing.

Actually, most of her time has been devoted to starting a new blog site for teenage girls with her friend. The website is: Since my sister has been an editor for several teen girl magazines (e.g. ElleGirl), and her friend is a writer with several young adult books on the market, together they have a lot of contacts and hope to make this site a success. So get the word out to all of your teenage girls to visit this site on December 1st! My sister (and my parent's bank account) will greatly appreciate it!

I'm not too sure how long Anne is going to stay here in California, but I think it will be at least until early January. My parents are coming back down this week not only for Thanksgiving, but I start a television pilot next week so they are going to babysit again. With all of the holidays, my parents will have a lot of breaks during this next television project. Basically, they'll be here for three weeks, then they'll return to Sacramento for three weeks for the holidays, and then come back down for about four weeks until my pilot ends. Thank god for Grandpa and Crazy Grandma Ichikawa!

Overall, it will be nice to have Anne around to spend time with the kids. She only sees them a few times a year, and it will be good for Emma and Andrew to know their other aunt. And for me, it will be nice to have her around because I can then understand what it would be like to take care of three babies. After one day, I already see that two is enough.

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