Thursday, November 6, 2008

Day 410 - Sick x 2

What a week it has been. Exhausted, stressed, and defeated. You'd think I just lost a Presidential election.

Everyone in the Ichikawa household is sick: Emma, Andrew, and Lisa. For some reason, I have not become sick yet. I'd like to attribute it to my muscular build and youthful stamina, but most likely it's because I've had to take care of the kids all week. I just know I'll probably get sick this weekend due to the massive amount of baby snot I have been in contact with all week.

I remember last winter the kids had a slight cold, but it wasn't a big deal. Except for a runny nose, they kept to their normal routine of sleep, cry, tit, and poop. Now a year has passed and what a difference it makes. Our kids are much more like little people which means when they are sick they become whiny, needy, and inconsolable. I hate people.

Emma has been more whiny and clingy than usual. Her nose is really congested and has been causing her restless sleeps. But Andrew. Oh Andrew. Where do I start with Andrew? He can be the happiest boy at times, but he can turn on a dime and become this enraged beast who screams and screams. Wipe his nose? AAHHHHH! Change his diaper? EEEEEEK! Put him in the crib? OHNOYOUDIDNT!

The worst part of the week has been when both of them are crying and nothing you do will calm them down. I just end up lying on the floor with my hands over my face waiting for the day to end. And then what happens? The kids come to me and start playing with my belly button. my belly button has baby boogers.

To give you just a taste of what it was like to be me, here is a little video of the kids crying. In order to experience this clip properly, there are a couple of requirements: 1) Crank the volume on high. 2) You should be sleep deprived. 3) When the video clip is finished, you need to watch it for another eight hours straight. 4) Be drunk. 5) Be very drunk.

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