Saturday, September 27, 2008

Day 370 - Trimming Down

Today I did something that I could never do with Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse Auntie Susan:  I gave Emma a haircut (cue thunder and lightening).

It wasn't so much a haircut as a quick little trim.  Emma's bangs were starting to get too long and were bothering her eyes.  I, too, understand how irritating long hair can be.  Sometimes my nose hairs get too long and it begins to tickle my upper lip.

So this afternoon, we plopped Emma into her high chair and put a bib around her.  I went to the bathroom and got out my trusty nostril hair scissors.  Emma just had lunch so she was pretty calm.  Here's the way Emma looked like before her haircut:


As you can see, Emma's hair was a little long and shaggy.  But through the miracle of scissors and my brilliant hand/eye coordination, I was able to take a shaggy little mop of a head and turn it into a creation of infant follicle genius:


After the brief trim in the front, my confidence soared.  If I could trim bangs, I could do anything.  I read a few books, watched a few episodes of Shear Madness on Bravo, and did a quick dash to a beauty salon to purchase some product.  I put Emma in her high chair on the patio and told Lisa to interrupt me for only two things:  1) Fire and 2) a personal phone call from Megan Fox.

After a few hours, behold the beauty that is Emma:

I must say that if I wasn't straight, I could probably be a hair-cutting, musical theater loving gay man.  Wait a second...I do enjoy cutting hair and watching musical theater.  Umm.  Err.  I love female anatomy!  Boobies!  Man grunt!

As for the rest of Emma's hair, we're going to let it grow out.  I think Lisa envisions ponytails and French braids in Emma's future.  And I just envision saving $25 every couple of months.  The next step is to figure out how to trim Andrew's hair.  Does anyone know if they still sell the Flowbee?  That would be awesome...

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Susan Tajii said...

You are soooo incredibly lucky that Emma didn't get hurt or cut, good thing nothing bad the way, cute haircut, she's even more cuter and I didn't think that was possible, Auntie Susan, PICU RN