Sunday, September 21, 2008

Day 364 - Birthday Pics

Today was Emma's and Andrew's first birthday. I'll write much more about it this upcoming weekend, but I thought I would just share a couple of pictures with you for the time being. If I'm up to it, I'll try to edit together a quick little video of the party for this weekend's entry. And if I'm really up to it, I'll buy a large piece of marble and chisel a statue of the kids at their birthday party.

Briefly, I think everyone had a good time. Both Lisa and I were in a bit of a daze because we stayed up pretty late the night before trying to get everything ready. Even though the party wasn't that large, there was plenty to do. Lisa had to tell me to make a sign, Lisa had to tell me to make party favors, Lisa had to tell me to wrap the party favors, Lisa had to tell me to go to Costco and buy food, and Lisa had to call me a 'dumbass' at least seven times on four separate occasions. Wow! No wonder we were so tired!

We couldn't hang the banner on the wall because there wasn't enough staples to keep the kids from falling off the sign.

Fire: Friend or foe?

"Hello, my sweet tasty morsel of a friend."

"This fire intrigues me!"

"Mmm. Fire tastes good!"

Fisher Price My First Hybrid.

Moments before the propeller slices Emma's right arm off.

Happy birthday!!!

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Susan Tajii said...

Happy birthday twinses! Love, Auntie Susan