Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day 359 - Sherpa in Training

I have a scary feeling that our safety gates and furniture barriers will soon become a futile attempt to keep Andrew out of danger (i.e. flat screen plasma toppling on his wee head.).

Yesterday Lisa called me at work in a frantic saying, "Guess what happened? Guess what happened?" I immediately told her that two is enough and began to search for nearby adoption agencies. After Lisa told me I was a dumbass, she explained why she was in such a snit: Andrew learned to climb.

That's right. Andrew now knows how to climb on top of the sofa. I'm not too sure how he was able to do it with his scrawny arms and legs, but he somehow pulled himself up. I assume this will have some effect on how we will supervise the kids at home. My initial solution to this potential problem was to bound Andrew's legs, but the only thing I got out of that is how much it hurts my heart every time Lisa calls me a dumbass.

Here's a video of Andrew climbing!

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Susan Tajii said...

What a little monkey he is!