Monday, September 15, 2008

Day 358 - Poll Results and New Poll

Last week I asked your geekier side to help me decide whether or not I should purchase a new camcorder. Forty-two percent believed I should purchase a flash memory/hard drive camcorder. Thankfully only one person voted that I should not purchase a new camcorder, and I should just use what I already have. To that person I say, "Leave me alone, Auntie Anne."

I actually did purchase a new camcorder this past weekend -- which is partially why you are seeing more videos on the blog. When I was first researching camcorders, I was all set to buy a HD camcorder. But after doing a little research, I realized my current computers (Yes, plural. Leave me alone, Auntie Anne...) wouldn't have the power to edit the video quickly. So instead, I decided to buy a flash card memory camcorder which would be very light, portable, and easy to mount on the foot of our bed.


If you ever dare visit us, you will notice that we have safety gates and furniture all over our place blocking the kids from entering restricted areas. The current restricted areas are the kitchen, bathrooms, our bedroom, the television area, and the meth lab. It won't be too long before Emma & Andrew figure out a way to get into these areas, but for the time being our barriers work.

When we visit other homes with kids, we don't notice as many areas that are blocked off. Maybe they don't care that their child might play with pans in the kitchen or needles in the meth lab. This got me to thinking that maybe we are keeping our kids away from exploring and being free to roam. What do you think? Do you think we need to be more relaxed or should we keep on doing what is working?

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kevin said...

Speaking of a computer with enough horsepower to edit videos and such. I'm currently in the stages of building a new one for myself. An Intel Core2Quad based one, with an Nvidia GeForce 9600 GT (and 512MB). At the very least, it will help when viewing all the pictures from the wedding.

I can't wait until newegg delivers the parts so I can put it together.

So how much video can the flash based camcorder do?