Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 1468 - Preschool Danceathon

This weekend our preschool had a Halloween Danceathon fundraiser.  All of the money raised goes towards the Arts and Music curriculum.  In other words, all of the money goes towards finger paint and kazoos.

The parents and teachers transformed the classrooms into different areas.  There was an Under the Sea room with mermaids and fun house mirrors.  Another room was a Mad Scientist's laboratory and adjacent to that was a Princess area with face painting.  Outside, the playground was transformed into a pirate ship, and they had stacks of hay for the kids to climb on.  Granted the whole endeavor had a "let's put on a show" look to it, but I think that's what made it cute and charming.

Emma and Andrew had a fun time at the party, and they each had their most favorite thing.  Emma really enjoyed getting her face painted into a gigantic flower.  Depending on your view, she either ended up looking like a freaky flower from Alice in Wonderland or gigantic butterfly decomposed on her face. 

As for Andrew, the thing he loved the most was...crackers.  That's right.  Just plain old Ritz crackers.  I don't know how many times he ran into the banquet hall to take a handful of crackers.  Each time I saw him eating crackers, I went up to him and asked, "Are you eating more crackers?"  To which he responded, "No," as he spit dry crackers all over my shoes.

The main event was the danceathon.  Each child had to get sponsored much like a marathon.  It was for no particular amount of time, so it was just a flat donation.  And good thing it was just a flat donation because take a look at the dance floor:

This picture reminds me of one of my junior high school dances.  Mostly because I dressed up as Batman and tried to pop balloons all night.

I heard that this fundraiser was quite successful and the financial goal was reached.  There was a rumor that the cracker budget went over, but I'm not going to mention anything.  But most importantly, parents and children were involved together in making this a fun day for the family.  Here are a few more pictures of the event!

The Under the Sea room.  Or as I like to call it Toilet Paper Factory Explosion.

Hay!  Hay!  Haaaay!

As Andrew wipes his nose on the plasma ball, he renames it Electric Boogerboo.

 All this picture reminds me of is the painful memory of my crotch after a six hour bike ride.

 Have a great...err...weekday?

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