Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 1463 - Happy Birthday, Mommy

Yesterday was Lisa's birthday.  Lisa loves birthdays which means I have to love her birthdays too.  I try to do the best job possible by making her birthday fun and relaxing.  For instance, she hardly spends any time with the kids during the weekdays, so I made sure that she spent quality time with them yesterday:  I made sure Lisa made them dinner, fed them dinner, cleaned their dishes, ran their bath, gave them baths, clean the bath, brush their teeth, and read them stories.  That's just the kind of husband I am.

One of the most exciting things about another person's birthday for the kids is that they get to eat cake.  As soon as they came home from preschool, they started to ask me about Mommy's birthday cake.  This year instead of buying a cake that sits in our fridge for a week, I went down the street to a place called Nothing Bundt Cakes; if I have to explain to you what this store sells, please smack yourself.  I bought three personal-sized bundt cakes:  red velvet, marble, and chocolate chocolate.

I showed the cakes to the kids, and they asked me what kind of cakes they were.  I told them that these were called bundt cakes.  Of course their poopy humor genes went into overdrive and started to call them butt cakes.  They even pointed to the center of the bundt cake and explained that is the hole where the poopy comes out of.

When Lisa came home from work, I told the kids to give her a big hug and kiss.  And after I gave Lisa her birthday handshake, the kids wanted to open her presents.  We all sat around the coffee table as Lisa and I watched the kids open up Lisa's presents.  Andrew opened up her presents so fast, we accidentally threw away earrings that Crazy Gaga and Lazy Papa gave Lisa because it was hidden in crumbled up wrapping paper.

I hope Lisa had another great birthday this year and remembers it for years to come.  Although she may not remember it too long since short term memory is the first to go with old age.  I wanted to share with you the birthday cards the kids drew for Lisa.  Since the kids are becoming better drawers, I asked them to draw a picture of Mommy and themselves.  I thought this would be a nice memory for Lisa.

Here is the picture Emma drew:

And here is the picture Andrew drew:

If you couldn't tell, Andrew drew Lisa as a pig.  I guess there's no question he's related to me, huh?

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