Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 1469 - Trick or Treat!

For Halloween this year, Emma dressed up as Tinker Bell and Andrew dressed up as one of Lightning McQueen's pit stop crew members.  Even Mommy and Daddy got into the holiday spirit by dressing up.  Mommy dressed up as Minnie Mouse and Daddy dressed up as an Abercrombie and Fitch model.

I guess I must fess up to something not authentic about my costume:  those aren't my sunglasses.

Halloween must have been invented by barren people because who in their right mind would create a holiday that allows children to collect tons of candy right before bedtime?  My vision of Halloween would be children collecting warm milk and Benedryl.

We went trick or treating with our friends in their family-friendly neighborhood.  It was interesting to see how Emma and Andrew went about knocking on doors and asking for candy.  At first, they were a little tentative and wanted us to be with them.  As soon as they got comfortable, they were much more at ease going up to doors and knocking on them.  Let's hope this does not become a habit.

When Andrew would collect his candy, he would either take one piece of candy or wait for the person to put candy into his bag.  But Emma displayed a boldness as the night went on.  Our friend commented that Emma started to take gigantic handfuls of candy from the bowls.  She was determined to fill up her candy bag!

But soon enough, the novelty of collecting candy began to wear on them.  After half an hour of walking, the days of whine and roaming hit a breaking point.  Andrew started to say his trademarked, "I can't walk," and Emma collapsed on the sidewalk.  It was time to go home.

After allowing the kids to pick one candy to eat before bedtime, we tucked the kids into bed so we could steal...err...divide their candy into age appropriate piles.  Basically, we took all of the chewy chocolate candy and left them with everything else.  Granted, everything else consisted of plastic eyeballs and a bag of pretzels, but I guess tomorrow morning the kids will awake to a gigantic trick.

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