Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 1454 - Andrew-cadabra!

When I was younger, I dabbled with magic a little bit.  I liked to try to make things disappear.  The one thing I really tried to make disappear but was constantly unsuccessful was my virginity.  I am now sharing my interest of magic with the kids.

I haven't done any card tricks yet, but I have tried to make small objects disappear and reappear.  In the beginning, I would put little dolls underneath their bedsheets and make them disappear by lifting the doll up with the sheets.  The kids were fascinated by it and began to copy me.  They instantly started to put all of their dolls underneath their sheets, but slowly grew frustrated when it did not work for them.  Pretty soon, it became ugly because we had two grumpy magicians like Sigfried and Roy after a bad batch of sauerkraut.

Andrew has shown more interest in magic than Emma, so I still try to entertain him with simple tricks.  Now Andrew will try to put on little magic shows for us by trying to make things disappear like his toys or his sister; somehow the books tend to get lost, but the sister always finds a way back.

Here is a little clip of our little magician doing a trick for us!

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