Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 1465 - Conversations with Andrew

Being around a bunch of boys at preschool, Andrew has picked up some words that are stereotypically associated with being a boy like "fight", "shoot", and "bodacious boobies."  Actually, he might've picked up that last word from me while watching a Michael Bay movie.

This morning, I was trying to get Andrew to brush his teeth.  He was busily playing with his cars and ignoring me.  So I decided to be playful with him in order to get him into the bathroom.

"Andrew, if you don't go to the bathroom, I'm going to get you!" I said.

Andrew looked up at me with a rascally grin.

"You heard me, Andrew.  I'm going to get you!"  I approached him and pretended that I was going to tickle him.

"You can't get me!" he screamed.  He stood up and ran around the sofa.

"I'm going to tickle you!" I shouted as I chased him into the bathroom.

When I walked into the bathroom, Andrew was up against the wall bracing for a tickle.  So I tickled him and stood him on top of the stepstool.  I continued to tickle him as I grabbed him cup and toothbrush.

"Stop it!" Andrew said between laughing.  "No more tickling!"

When I finally stopped tickling him, he said something I'm sure he picked up at school.  He said with innocence, "I kill you!"

It's weird to hear the phrase "I kill you" with such little threat and great playfulness.  I didn't want to make a gigantic deal about it, but I turned serious and said, "I hope you didn't say what I thought you said because it is not a good word to say.  So I'm going to ask you to repeat what you just said."

Andrew's face also turned serious.  His devilish grin disappeared and his eyes turned big with forgiveness.  He looked straight at me and answered my question.

Andrew said, "I love you?"

Hmph.  Killing me with kindness...

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