Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 1452 - Cars-a-holic

"Hello, my name is Andrew Ichikawa, and I am a cars-a-holic."

Or at least that's what I think Andrew is.  The sad thing is that Andrew would probably admit it with great pride and happiness.  I don't know what exactly it is about the world of Cars, but Andrew as well as millions of other kids around the world are totally infatuated with Lightning McQueen and his pal of four-wheeled friends.

Do you know how much Disney makes off of Cars annually with merchandising?  Two billion dollars.  That's right.  Two...bill...ion...dol...lars.  You know what you can get with two billion dollars?  This 27 story, 400,000 square foot mansion in Dubai with 600 servants.  That's what you can get!

I was looking around the house to see how much Cars crap Andrew has, and it is quite a bit.  He has two buckets of assorted Cars vehicles, several race tracks, a few garages, and various Cars related books and toys.  Andrew wanted to lay out all of his cars on our coffee table recently, and you can see that he has quite a collection.

But when I look at his collection, this is all I can see:

Yet we enable Andrew to love his Cars collection by purchasing one thing after another so I really can't complain too much.   So why do we keep on doing it?  Because it makes him happy and in return it makes us happy...especially when he leaves me alone for ten minutes so I can download the latest apps on my iPad. 

I remember when I was kid I would be obsessed with certain toys or things.  I loved Atari, puppets, records, and Barney Miller (Hey!  I had a sophisticated taste for humor as a child.).  And although it does occasionally irk me how much Andrew loves his Cars, I try to remember how much joy my belongings gave to me as a child.  Especially my Hal Linden Barney Miller poseable action figurine. 

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Anonymous said...

Um...just wait till he's 16. THEN you can complain about his obsession. ;)