Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 1461 - Halloween Carnival

Every year, Lisa's school has a Halloween Carnival that we attend.  It's a pretty nice set-up with games, food, music, gigantic blow-up slides, and of course the standard haunted house.  Although the kids did not partake of the haunted house, there were enough activities in the kindergarten yard to keep them occupied.  And it's a good thing they didn't go through the haunted house because there was a rumor that there was a gory decapitated head inside it.  Of course it was just a decapitated Kero Kero Keroppi doll, but a decapitation is a decapitation.

I could go on with all of the activities the kids did at the carnival.  They loved the bouncy house.  They enjoyed sharing a shaved ice.  And Andrew broke the spin art machine by dropping his bottle of paint inside it.  But I'd like to digress a bit and get something off my chest.

I hate, hate, hate sparkly costumes.  On my list of things I hate, I think sparkly costumes is now in between root canals and anal probes.  And don't get me started about doctors who wear sparkly scrubs while performing a sigmoidoscopy.  And the Halloween Carnival made me even more upset about those damn sparkles.

You see, after we took our Santa Clara weekend trip a month ago, I noticed that the interior of the car was a mess.  Cheerios, dirt, and the smell of wet pants permeated the car seats.  And I'm just talking about Lisa's side of the car.  So, I purchased some cleaning supplies at Target and decided to do a quick interior detail of the CR-V.

After a few hours of wiping, scrubbing, and vacuuming, I was done.  I don't think the inside of the car looked brand new, but it certainly was an improvement over how it looked like before.  Best of all, it didn't smell like puke and urine anymore.  Although there was a slight remnant of smell on Lisa's car seat...

And this leads me to today.  For some reason, Lisa dressed Emma in her princess costume inside the car.  Not only did Emma sit in the backseat, but Lisa also had Emma sit in the driver's seat because she thought it would be cute to take a picture of Emma pretending to drive the car.  When I finally saw Emma running around the car with sparkles getting all over the car, I told her to get out and strip down.  It was like a bad toddler prison movie.

I looked inside the car and it looked like Tinker Bell and her fairy friends reenacted the campfire scene from Blazing Saddles.  There were sparkles every where.  All of my efforts to clean the car was ruined by the animal fetish loving Belle.  Although this picture of Emma is awfully cute, all I can see is all of the glitter ruining the car.

When we returned home from the carnival, I did my best to vacuum all of the glitter, but I was not about to spend another hour detailing the interior when Halloween was coming up and who the hell knew what sparkle disaster may happen again.  Although I'm used to the mess that comes with having kids, what irked me was how quickly the car got dirty after I spent hours trying to clean it.  But I really should've learned my lesson when I cleaned the car the weekend before we attended the Carlsbad Baked Bean Festival.  Talk about recreating that scene from Blazing Saddles...

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