Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 1450 - Conversation with Emma & Andrew

As the kids are getting older, we are allowing them to make certain decisions and choices by themselves.  Nothing major, but just little things that help them develop their sense of self.  Things like what are the best choices for college investments, the best way to skin a chicken, and what pajamas to wear at night.

On this particular night, Lisa let the kids pick out their pajamas.  Andrew rummaged through his pajama drawer and pulled out a Lightning McQueen long sleeve shirt and a mismatched short pants.

"Andrew, are you sure you want to wear this?" asked Lisa.  "They don't match."

Andrew told Lisa, "No!  I pick this, and I like it!" 

As Andrew began to get dressed, Emma looked through her pajama drawer and pulled out a matching ballerina long sleeve shirt and long pants.

Emma proudly held out her choice to Lisa and said, "Mommy!  Look what I picked out.  Matching long sleeves and long pants.  So I won't look disgusting."

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