Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 846 - Conversations with Emma

For some reason, today was an unusually busy day for Emma's bowels. She emptied her backside more often than a herd of elephants at a zoo after a Metamucil mix-up. While changing Emma's diaper, Lisa had this talk with her...

LISA: Emma! You're going poo-poo so many times today.

EMMA: Yup!

LISA: Why do you have to go poo-poo so much?

EMMA: I dunno.

LISA: Did you know this is the fourth time I'm changing your diaper today?

EMMA: I know! I so lucky!

LISA: You like going poo-poo a lot?

EMMA: I so happy!

And with that, Emma grabbed another Ex-Lax bar and waited for another smile to come across her face.

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