Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 844 - Spelling Me

People generally say that girls develop speech earlier than boys, and I can attest to that in this family of look-alikes. Between the ages of two and three, there are certain milestones to look for in speech and language development: has a word for most everything; says two-to-three word sentences and questions; asks or directs attention to certain things; constant whining and droning can cause intense headaches and the occasional ear and or nose bleed to a poor suffering parent.

Both Emma and Andrew seem to be hitting all of their milestones, but Emma is a little more advanced in the speech area. Whereas Andrew is still working on his consonant sounds and increasing the number of words he can string together, Emma is able to say most sounds and can say up to eight word sentences. This is quite useful for her because she can now tell me, "Daddy, why are you such a big dork?"

Something that Emma just picked up on is how to spell her name. I'm pretty sure she doesn't associate the letters to her name because this morning she spelled Andrew's name as "E-M-M-A." But when I asked her how to spell Daddy, she said, "D-U-M-B-A-S-S." I don't know whether to be proud or suicidal. Here's a video of Emma spelling her name!

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