Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 838 - Poll Results & New Poll

Last week, I wondered if I should continue doing Monday's poll results entry or if I should do something different in its place. Well, the answer was unanimous. One hundred percent of you thought I should continue doing the results entry as I have been doing since 2007.

I was surprised by the unanimous vote because I always thought the Monday entry was a little redundant. I just thought it was redundant. But I guess I'll continue the polls and maybe brainstorm about new semi-regular entries for the new year. I've had quite a few bad ideas about new entries, so I took my own poll to see which ones would be the worst. Here are the results:

10% - Crazy Granda Ichikawa Shaving Storytime
14% - Emma & Andrew Cage Fights
17% - Jackass or Scott?
22% - Toilet Training Tales (Note: Not about the kids, but rather Grandpa Ichikawa.)
37% - Lisa or Emma: Whose Poop Is It?


Okay. This time we mean it. Lisa and I are going to try and get Andrew off of his pacifier. When we saw our pediatrician last September, she wasn't anti-pacifier, but suggested we try to wean Andrew off the pacifier within the next 6-8 months. We didn't want to do it when Crazy Grandma and Lazy Grandpa were babysitting the kids from October through December, so here we are in January...mid-January...getting towards the end of January...and we need to think of the best way to make Andrew's binky go bye-bye.

Andrew only uses his pacifier when he's in his crib. Specifically that would be during his naptime, bedtime...breakfast, lunch, dinner, and playtime. Damn...he's in there a lot. The trick for us is to try to figure out the road of least resistance because we don't want to screw up Emma's sleep schedule and have two angry, sleepy kids to deal with.

Do we make him go cold turkey? Slowly wean him off of it? Substitute the pacifier for something else comforting like weed? What do you think?

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Susan Tajii said...

Andrew is smart enough to understand so why not throw a big "goodbye pacifier party", make a big deal out of it and have everyone wave "bye-bye" to his pacifier. Let me know if this works. - Auntie Susan