Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 836 - Conversations with Emma

The entire family took a trip to Costco where we bought our weekly supply of diapers, baby wipes, and toilet paper (Yes...we go through 36 rolls of toilet paper each week. Don't ask why or how.). As Lisa carts the kids through the book and clothing area, I go up and down the electronic aisles to look at the many bargains I shouldn't buy. But man, that twelve pack of 50" LCD TVs is such a bargain!

Unfortunately, the kids were a little fussy so we had to quickly serpentine our way past the crowd, the free samples, and confused elderly people who misplaced their shopping carts. While waiting at the check-out line, I told Lisa I was going to the electronic area to browse around.

"Okay, kids," I said to Emma and Andrew. "Daddy is going to be right back!" And I ran off to admire the beauty of ink cartridges, batteries, and hard drives.

The kids looked a little confused so Lisa started to talk to the kids.

"Daddy won't be long," said Lisa naively. "Gee. Where do you think Daddy ran off to?"

Emma waited a beat, and then said, "Best Buy!"

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