Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 841 - Poll Results & New Poll

Last week I asked how we should wean Andrew off his pacifier. Forty-one percent thought the best way would be to cut a small hole in his pacifier so he'll eventually get tired of it. Thirty-three percent took a more festive and bittersweet approach and thought a bon voyage pacifier party would be a good idea. And only twenty-five percent said he should suck away as long as he wants.

I think we will try both approaches: cutting a hole in the pacifier and the final farewell. I've been reading a few articles about weaning your child off a pacifier, and it sounds like it will be a torturous and painful process...mostly for the parents. One doctor said that if you do the cold turkey route you can expect an unhappy child any where from two days to two weeks. Why you would substitute a pacifier for a cold turkey is beyond me, but I'm no doctor. Wish us luck!


If you don't live in Southern California, then you don't understand how wacky people get when it rains for a prolonged period of time. People don't know how to use their windshield wipers, and they forget how to operate an umbrella. For almost all of last week, it rained hard. At least fifteen minutes of the local news was devoted to a poor schmuck in a yellow slicker figuring out new ways to say that it's raining outside.

What would be a much more interesting twist on bad weather news reporting in Los Angeles is to interview all of the parents who were stuck at home with their toddler children. I got to tell you that I was going insane trying to wrangle Emma and Andrew for an entire week. I usually try to take them out for a stroll during the afternoon, but there was none of that. It was just me, them, and my new best friend, Jack Daniels.

Since I'm sure there will be more bad weather on the horizon, what do you do with your two or three year old children when you're stuck indoors with them?

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