Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 832 - Emma's (and Andrew's) Vacation

Emma received a book as a gift titled Emma's Vacation. It's a cute book about a little bear named Emma who encourages her parents to look at nature instead of man-made attractions on their vacation.

The problem with the book is that every time I read the book, Andrew wonders where he is. So I have resorted to the one thing that I'm really good at: lying.

Each time I read the book, I point out different areas of the illustration where Andrew is hidden. I've read this book so many times, Emma automatically points out where Andrew is in each picture. Here are a bunch of pictures with arrows indicating the location of Andrew. And the description under each picture is not a joke; it is literally what Emma says every time we read the book.

"Andrew in car!"

"Andrew in rocket! You can't see Andrew!"

"Oh oh! Andrew in water!"

"There! Andrew foot!"

"Daddy sleep on Andrew!"

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