Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day 600 - Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

After almost twenty months of life, I finally broke down and agreed to Emma getting her hair cut professionally.  I thought I have done a rather nice job of keeping Emma's hair out of her eyes, but certain members of my family who shall remain nameless but have breasts and are not lazy suggested that it was now time.  Time for me to part with $25 for something that I could do for free and with minimal blood and scarring.

We decided to take Emma to a place in Tarzana called Lollicuts.  It has been named one of the best places in Los Angeles for kid's haircuts and the price was reasonable enough.  As you can see in the picture, the kids get their hair cut in these fancy pretend vehicles.  If you're fashionable like Emma, you can sit in a yellow Porsche.  If you're a liberal, they have Toyota Priuses.  And if you're down on your luck or out of work, you can sit in a GM or a Chrysler.

I was mighty proud of Emma because she didn't fuss once when she was getting her haircut.  There was another kid sitting next to Emma who was crying and yelling and bawling his head off.  Granted his ear was cut off, but come on, you have two ears!  Who really cares a damn about the lobes?

After about five or ten minutes, Emma went from this... this:

Lisa was mighty happy with Emma's hair because she liked the bangs short, plus Emma's hair was put up with a couple of little pony tails.  I also think Emma looks a lot better than before, but for some reason I think the bangs look a little too short.  In the picture above, she looks like an extra from "Memoirs of a Geisha" or she's auditioning for a Yoshinoya television commercial.  I think I'll continue to trim Emma's hair for the next few months, but I will start to save my dollar bills for another special visit to Lollicuts.  And if I can hold out another extra month, I might be able to figure out something else to do with all my dollar bills...

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