Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day 593 - Dirty In the Tub

Lisa and I alternate which kid we wash. One day, Lisa will wash Andrew and the next day she'll wash Emma. We also alternate which grandparent we wash. That usually takes longer because it often involves shaving.

Tonight, I was giving Andrew a bath. It's usually the same routine every night: wash his face, wash his hair, and wash his body. If I'm extra lucky, Andrew might perform his very own Bellagio water fountain show. It consists of one fountain and very yellow water.

As I was scrubbing his body, something unusual happened. When I approached his "jacks and balls" area, he very simply uttered, "Uh-oh!" I stopped for a moment, laughed, and finished giving Andrew a bath. But for a brief moment, I felt a little dirty.

I really don't know why Andrew said "Uh-oh!" because he has never said that before. And I'm not too sure why I felt like I violated his personal space, but I did. I started to think of how far I have come from fearing the diaper changes and baths to feeling so undaunted and nonchalant about them that I now laugh in the face of poopy smears and pee-pee sprays. Yet with the two little words of "Uh-oh!" I briefly regressed to a state of parenthood embarrassment.

There are worse things that Andrew could've said in the bath like "more," "no means no," or "tell me when you want me to cough." It was probably just a coincidental utterance that makes for a better story than anything else. In the meantime, Lisa just finished giving Crazy Grandma a sponge bath, so I better get the razors ready for Lazy Grandpa's bath (Who knew Japanese could be so hairy!).

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