Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 589 - Dancing Fools

On the computer, we have created playlists for the kids so they can listen to music throughout the day. For instance, one playlist is nothing but Disney songs. Another playlist is nothing but traditional children songs. And the final playlist is nothing but Tupac.

Occasionally, the kids will take it upon themselves to dance to the music. Sadly, the dancing looks like a really awful mix of drunk Asians doing tai chi and mad cow disease. Thankfully, toddlers can get away with their inability to do proper jazz hands because whatever they try to do at this age is pretty dang cute. I really should show the kids how their daddy performed the "Shipoopi" dance from "The Music Man."

Here's a short video clip of the kids attempting to dance.

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Anonymous said...

I notices a little janet jackson'esque choreography !!