Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 602 - Poll Results & New Poll

Last week I asked what we should do with the kids over Memorial Day weekend. Thirty-eight percent of you thought we should brave the crowds, the parking lots, and the possibility of tidal waves and take the kids to the beach. Not far behind, thirty percent thought we should brave the crowds, the parking lots, and the possibility of animal attacks and take the kids to the zoo. Guess what? We did...NEITHER!

The weekend was so full of kid activities (i.e. puppy party, bbq, quiet time in the corner) that we didn't have time to do anything else. Even with a three-day weekend, it amazes me how fast time flies and you still find yourself without enough time. It probably doesn't help that you were drunk two out of the three days, but nonetheless time sure does fly by. I'll do a post tomorrow about our Memorial Day BBQ at a friend's place!


I think our kids have a lot of toys. Not only are there toys in practically every drawer and container in the house, but we have unopened, emergency toys in the closet. And if the kids ever get really, really bored, I have a couple of kickass Swiss Army knives that they can fool around with (as long as they don't lose the coveted tweezer.).

Yet no matter how many toys we have, the kids still fight over the toy the other one is playing with. If Emma is playing with a puzzle, Andrew needs that exact same puzzle. If Andrew is playing with blocks, Emma needs those exact same blocks. If Daddy is playing with the PS3, the kids better get the hell away from it.

Crazy Grandma suggests that the answer to this problem is to make sure we have two of each toy. What do you think of this solution? Does it make sense? Do we just let the kids fight it out? Does this mean I can buy another PS3 for the bedroom television?

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