Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 603 - Memorial Day

Yesterday, we spent our Memorial Day at our friend's house. They invited some friends over, and we all had a delicious BBQ. I realize that with the pictures below, it seems as if we only have Asian friends, but that is far from the truth. I just want to briefly state that I embrace people of all cultures, and I hope I'm not perpetuating any Asian stereotypes.

With that said, back to the BBQ. We all had a delicious meal of BBQ rice and BBQ fortune cookies. After lunch, we all took out our cameras and started taking a ridiculous amount of pictures of each other. Soon it was time to study, so we took out our science and math books. After an hour, we played our violins and drank some tea. Pretty soon it was getting late, so we packed up and drove home in our rickshaws.

All kidding aside, we really did have a nice afternoon with some tasty BBQ. Our friends, Paul and Michelle, brought out the wading pool for the kids. We forgot to bring the bathing suits, but we did have the swim diapers in our bag. Andrew took to the water right away and began splashing water all over the place. But Emma freaked out and did not want any part of the water fun.

(From left to right) Andrew, no wait, the next kid is Andrew...or the kid at the far right is Andrew. Damn! We do all look alike!

Either Emma is crying because she's afraid of the water or she's embarrassed that other people have seen her nipples.


The best part of the afternoon was lunch. For the first time, Lisa and I experienced the joy and wonder of the kid's table. When it was time to eat, we decided to see what would happen if we just left Emma and Andrew on their own with lunch. For about five minutes, they did amazingly well! They drank water from a straw, and ate off their plate like a normal human being. But once the six minute mark hit, they regressed back to little feral monkeys. They were dumping food on the floor, throwing their plastic plates, splashing water from their cups, and wiping their feces across the buffet table. Yet for five full minutes, it was pure paradise.

(From left to right) Lisa, Andrew, Emma, and Scott. Dammit! Screwed up again!

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