Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 574 - Poll Result & New Poll

Last week, I was wondering who you thought the kids looked like: me or Lisa. Seventy-five percent thought that Andrew looked like me and Emma looked like Lisa (I know...I did a typo in the poll, but hopefully you knew where I was going with it.). And only sixteen percent thought that Andrew looked like Lisa and Emma looked like me.

I don't really want to mention the one person who thought that the kids resembling me at all is a bad thing, but let me address this right now: My dear wife, Lisa. You knew having kids with me would mean they would eventually look like me. So it's your own fault for marrying me. And please stop using the excuse that you didn't know you would get your sight back. Technology advances, and you knew that was a possibility.


If you read my first installment of Auntie Anne's Pretzel Twisted Stories, you know how a misplaced coffee mug became an unfortunate accident with Andrew. Our house has become visually ridiculous because of what we have to do to make the place safe for the kids. Chairs are removed from tables, playpens are barriers in front of the television set, and moats are built around the kitchen. Although I do feel we are going a little overboard at times, Lisa does have a valid point that it is difficult for one person at home to keep an eye on the twins at all times. To which I tell Lisa that each person has TWO eyes. Scott: One. Lisa: Zero.

When Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse Auntie Susan found out what happened to Andrew, she said this:

I don't know what to say and can barely type as I'm shaking so much. I think you need to ban ANY hot drinks when you have his Aunt over, even for a brief 10 minutes. Actually, no hot drinks for any guests unless they drink them in a locked bathroom. I'm serious.

What she says makes sense, but what do you think? Should we ban hot drinks around the house? Should we let our guests drink hot drinks in a locked bathroom? Should we install an espresso machine on top of our toilet?

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Susan Tajii said...

May I add: in my defense, not only am I an intensive care nurse, I work at a hospital with a burn center and I have unfortunately worked with burned patients, one as young as 2 days old!!! By the way, I'm still shaking. - PICU RN Auntie Susan